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 Who doesn’t like it when someone offers their help? When someone offers their help, I’m beyond grateful for their willingness to be a helping hand. I have had students who were always offering their help and I would often find them doing things that needed to be done without being asked. I met some of the parents of such students and I can say that the young student’s were reflections of their parents. Their parents were kind and offered their time and help if the school needed it. Their work ethic was often seen in their children and this observation shows how much influence the parent has on their child.

I have heard other parents say, “I wish my kids were devoted like yours.” Well, parenting does not come with a parent manual but we know that children mirror adults. They are not born with the perfect traits. Values are taught and learned. Work ethic is developed by practicing faithfulness in the little things. As mentioned in previous blogs, education does not begin at school. Education begins at home, taught by both parents. Yes, that means you are a teacher! You get to shape the mind of your child. You get to show them what is right and wrong. You are their first teacher and the one who has the most responsibility because the decisions that you let them make today will shape the person they will become tomorrow.

So going back to being a helpful person. Would you like your children to grow up possessing a heart for serving others? Is it possible to teach them helpfulness now? Remember they are small, so let’s start small. Teach them responsibilities through chores. You can teach your son or daughter to help with picking up their toys. If mom or dad needs help cleaning the kitchen, show them how to dry a spoon. These simple tasks are teaching them a couple of things. First, you’re showing them that they are capable of making a difference and they recognize that their efforts are appreciated. They will be more motivated to help others because they see it brings joy to others and also themselves. Second, you teach them responsibility and cooperation from a young age. Help will always be needed and cooperation is needed to fulfill responsibilities. You may think these tasks are minor, but watch how your child will grow to bring major changes in the world they live in.

Teaching them how to accomplish tasks means that there will also be mistakes. What should you do in a situation when you’re striving to show them how to be a great human being but they get it wrong the first time? In order to show them how to be helpers, you must first become the helper. Don’t scold them with harsh words. They will relate learning how to be helpful with your impatience. Show them lovingly with simple demonstrations and affirm their efforts. Let them ask questions. After all, that’s how students learn best. These opportunities can serve as valuable lessons for the parent and child alike. You will grow as a parent, and the child will grow with you as he or she walks into your footsteps.

It is difficult to create new habits and let go of unhealthy ones. The person you are today is a result of the decision you made in the past. You are helping your little one to become the person the will become tomorrow. They will go into the world as individuals that will either change the world, or be changed by the world. They are holding your hand, waiting for you to show them how to be a helping hand. The training begins now, at home, with you.


Written By Teresa Alberto

High school teacher at a private school located in Michigan

Droolees LLC Education Blog Contributor



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