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 Last month we examines how a child’s character is ruined and many of us could be led to discouragement because guess what? We are not perfect and may not have even realize that our action or lack thereof is the culprit. That may be a good think because now it causes us to seek what to do.

Now you may be thinking, ‘This is supposed to be an education blog, why so much focus on character building?’ I have been an educator for 25 years and believe me, if parents focused on character building the first few years of their child’s life, their academic life would have been much more easier to attain. When building a house most of the effort is spent on drawing up the plans. Once the blueprints are completed, erecting the actual structure is straightforward. It’s the same with building a strong character. When a child is taught discipline, he or she will  be disciplined in all facets of life. When taught honesty, he or she will be honest in all facets of life and so on. That’s just the way life works.

So you may now be asking how you may, as a parent, build a strong character within your child. My advice will be coming from a Christian point of view, but like healthful living, there is a blessing to all who will heed the instruction no matter what faith you are.

1. Be Mindful of the future product. What is the ROI (Return on Investment)  that you want? Your child is helpless and needs direction. Will you spend more time in building up your company rather than the character of your child?

2. Everything Is Bound By Law. It is understood that when dealing with gravity that whatever goes up must come down. Whether you agree with it or not it will happen (tell that to sky diving!) The law pertaining to character is that we reap what we sow. Simply meaning, that if we self-indulge our children or teach them by example not to be honest, we shouldn’t be surprised at our end result.

3. Keep It Real - All around us we see how superficial life has become. Whether it is in the Metaverse or in materialism, life is not as it seems. If parents want to make sure that children are able to enjoy life to the fullest spend more time out in nature, meaning, take in what is real and not superficial.

4. Make Prayer and Faith #1 - Your first line of defense will be to recognize that you cannot do this alone. It will be overwhelming and may seem impossible. You realize that you have made yourself responsible for your little one and therefore you must maintain that hedge of protection. You are in a war with the world which is trying to mold and shape the character of your child. So what are you going to do? Never rest, never give up. Fortify your life with prayer and by faith know that your prayers are heard and answered.

5. Decide Today The Goal Of Your Child - Continue to patiently sow the right seeds. As you gently love your child, you will win his or her confidence. Continue to be the example you would want your little one to emulate. Their imperfections will glare but with patient guidance the work you put into raising your children will bear precious fruit.

6. Bend the Twig - Farmers use a variety of ways to mold and shape the vine. Children must also be molded and shaped. It is important to give them examples of circumstances that are bound by law and that in order for them to be happy and successful they too must learn to submit. Parents who truly want what is best for their child will not neglect the proper training, which includes courtesy and self-control.

7. Seek To Develop and Cultivate the Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Attributes - In a world in which mental health and medication seek to be the norm, parents can overcome many of the challenges with the stress life brings by equally developing the mental, physical, and spiritual capabilities of their child. Physical labor is good. Going outside and growing a garden, not only teaches children observation and carefulness but also gets them the fresh air and physical labor they need. Eating proper foods at proper times enhances the mental capabilities. Faith in God allows them to acknowledge that you are, as the parent, only a steward and that God has a higher calling for their life. This type of development will receive many complements from onlookers, develop greater wisdom and love, in turn making your child altruistic and a blessing to society.

8. Give Your Child the Freedom to Choose For Themselves - As you do your part in rearing and teaching your child, have faith that they will make the right decisions. They may stumble and even fail miserably in their decision making but you can rest assure that by faith they will keep moving forward. Remember to be patient, loving, and kind. Be honest in rebuke and chastisement and model for them what you want to see.


We truly hope that you have been inspired and recognize that many who have followed this plan have amazing (not perfect) and successful children who are doing amazing things in the world today. It did not start with math (well kind of if you think about compounding character traits) but started with a firm foundation with principles found in God’s word.


Nikisha Lee

Co-Founder of Droolees LLC


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