Covid-19 Update


We at Droolees LLC partner with a variety of 3rd party warehouse and delivery services. They have assured us that they have identified three main areas of concern that they will monitor closely.

Warehouse Reduced Capacity: This may be the case where workers are forced to call off of work due to circumstances caused by the COVID-19 (e.g., daycares/schools closing). They will remain in constant communication with our warehouse partners and ensure the capacities that  have been set their in system for each facility are accurate and up to date. This way, they are always able to handle the volume of orders we request from them for fulfillment.

Warehouse Closure: In the event a warehouse ceases operations, all orders that would have been sent to them will be diverted to other operational warehouses in our network, wherever possible. 

Shipping Disruptions: We have many shipping providers, and in the event one ceases operations for some period of time, they can easily switch shipping methods for orders accordingly, whenever necessary. They will do everything they can to ensure shipments continue to deliver on time.

Additionally, our partner has strongly encouraged and offered to provide thermometers, cleaning supplies, and other safety equipment to all of ourr warehouse partners in order to prepare them as best as possible from being exposed. We will continue to provide solutions as the situations develops.

Warehouse Employee Action

While our partners monitor the operations of their warehouses, the following measures have been taken:

Requiring all employees who can work remotely to do so until further notice

Scheduling additional cleanings of the offices daily

Providing medical masks to all employees

Supplying additional hand-sanitizers in all offices

Preventing external visitors to any of their offices until further notice i.e. interviews, tours, etc

Cancelling any non-essential business travel until further notice

For all employees that need to come into the office, taking their temperature every day. Any employee who has a fever or exhibits any flu-like symptoms will be required to remain at home until they are symptom free for 48 hours without medication