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There is a phrase in Spanish that says, “Mi casa es tu casa.” It means “My house is your house.” Anyone telling you that phrase most likely wants to make you feel at home and at ease. Why would they say that? It is most likely because they trust that you and your family will treat their home with care as you would your own home.

Surely adults know how to be respectful of other’s properties, but are children expected to know how to be that way? As mentioned in previous blogs, children learn quick. They observe and they mimic their parent’s behavior. Children test the waters all the time and they will recognize which parent is easier to manipulate. Their habits are formed and those habits become part of their character. Remember that anything a child learns they will learn it first at home.

The child may not know the significance of the word responsible but even at a young age, if taught, they understand what is right and what is wrong. Many parents are afraid that their child will not stop crying if they don’t receive what they are asking for. If they continue to do this, it’s most likely because the parent continues to give them whatever they desire. It is very important to teach them the meaning of yes and no and it is equally important to show that you mean what you say.

So, why does teaching them at home matter? If they are allowed to behave a certain way at home, then their behavior is probably acceptable when they’re in a different setting. Children think if Mom or Dad is fine with my attitude at home, then there’s nothing wrong with me acting like such and such at someone else’s house.

Kids love to play with their toys and many times leave a chaos. They have not been taught organization and often their destroying tendencies are taken everywhere they go. They have a hard time respecting other’s property which may bring Mom and Dad to constantly apologize for their child’s behavior.

Showing your child how to be caring, gentle, and respectful will bring peace to your home. You have trained your son or daughter to treat other’s things with respect and in the end, they will understand that care, gentleness, and respect are valuable traits that should be developed. I have met children and young people who show respect. They are careful with their words and actions. They stand out and it is always a joy to have those individuals around. The atmosphere changes when you are surrounded with individuals who bring peace or chaos. Wouldn’t you want others to feel at ease when you visit with your children?

Some wait until it is too late to train the child. The child is not as malleable and it becomes a nightmare to the parent to attempt to change them. Don’t be afraid to start now. Teach them discipline, love, self-control, and responsibility. Teach them to respect themselves and others. They will learn from you and how you carry yourself daily. Your child is capable of learning great things and it is up to you to show them how to live a life that will bring joy to others.

I recommend reading through the book of Proverbs for wisdom and instruction. Be firm, but remember to always do it with love because love is the basis for every good trait. When they grow old, they will remember your discipline or lack thereof and they will also recall the way in which you treated them when you were feeling frustrated or desperate. Did you do it lovingly? Did you show respect as well? We all crave for love but if we don’t show them love, how will they know how to be loving towards themselves and others? Mom, Dad, how do you want to be remembered by your son or daughter? Show them how to handle property (and people) with care and don’t forget that kids have fragile hearts too, so please, handle with care.

Written By Teresa Alberto

High school teacher at a private school located in Michigan

Droolees LLC Education Blog Contributor


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