A Greater Treasure

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What is the only treasure children can take with them into adulthood and beyond? It is the only treasure worth more than silver or gold. It does not consist of mental ability nor genius. It is unaffected by various panics or failures. Integrity of character, firm principles, and sound morals are the greatest want of the world today. Your child properly trained will be the influence that the world will seek after. 

One’s true character is a quality of the soul which reveals itself in everyday life.  Such traits as integrity, firmness, and perseverance are dispositions that cannot be bought or sold but in turn must be cultivated. 


As parents we must seek to cultivate the power of the will and power of self-control in our children. There is a saying that claims that whatever is not mastered will in turn become the master. The formation of your child’s character is a work of a lifetime and will determine their destiny. Just as every seed yields fruit after its kind, the traits of character that we allow our children to cherish will eventually produce fruit that will pass on to the next generation and beyond.


Written by Team Droolees


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